Liza Here: Ice cream.. || Kristin, Eliza &Mick


Kristin smiled and started leading the way, she only knew her way around Liverpool because of the exploring she had done with Cormac when she first came. Back when she was shy, when her mom sent her to this school because she was afraid Kristin had no friends.. Or at least that’s what she’d said.. Her mom should see her now. “So, Eliza, how do you like LPA?” She asked, happily. Smiling her usual wide smile.

"I like it a lot so far," Eliza said. "Everyone here is so nice." It was the truth. Already Eliza was making a bunch of friends and she had been at the school for hardly any time. She smiled back at Kristin.

Ice cream.. || Kristin, Eliza &Mick


Kristin checked the time on her phone, waiting for Eliza and Mick to come. She was going to get some ice cream with them and was more excited about a simple thing than she should’ve been. But that was Kristin, she was always excited. She finally saw Eliza and Mick and waved excitedly to them. “Hey! Ready?”

Eliza smiled. She was excited to get ice cream, as this was her first official outing with people from Liverpool Prep. Being the new girl she was glad to have made friends so quickly. “I’m ready,” said Eliza, who looked to Mick for his OK.